Survey on Anti-Drone Systems: Components, Designs, and Challenges is a paper that presents a comprehensive study of counter-drone systems. The report analyzes non-military anti-drone technologies, including investigating a wide range of systems, and suggests system models for reliable drone defense.

For further study, technologies were categorized into detection, identification, and neutralization. A hypothetical counter-drone system is presented that meets drone defense operations guidelines for private or public facility use. The paper also discusses drone safety and security schemes that could raise issues for current anti-drone techniques and suggests future solutions to resolve these challenges.

Publication Date- March 23, 2021

This work contains the following major sections:

I- Introduction

II- Anti-Drone Backgrounds

III- Anti-Drone System: Drone Detection

IV- Drone Identification

V- Drone Neutralization

VI- Anti-Drone System Use Cases

VII- Anti-Drone System Guidelines

VIII- Advances in Drone Technology

IX- Summary and Conclusion

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Authors- Seongjoon Park, Hyeong Tae Kim, Sangmin Lee, Hyeontae Joo, and Hwangnam Kim

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