PDW, a pioneer in unmanned aerial systems (UAS), has officially announced that its man-packable and heavy-lift quadcopter, the C100, has been approved for inclusion in the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) Blue UAS program. This program, established by the Department of Defense (DoD), aims to evaluate and swiftly expand commercial UAS technology adoption.

The C100 is a portable, long-endurance drone boasting exceptional flight performance. It can execute missions lasting up to 74 minutes with a payload capacity of 15 pounds. Beyond its impressive specifications, the C100 offers diverse advanced mission capabilities, including targeting, signals intelligence, direct effects, and last-mile resupply, particularly in contested environments.

“We are tremendously proud to announce the C100 platform’s inclusion on the Blue UAS list,” said PDW CEO and Co-Founder Ryan Gury. “PDW is firmly committed to DIU’s mission of delivering secured technology for our operators and the addition of the C100 to the Blue UAS list represents a trusted, secure, and stable platform, giving our customers assurance when they need it most.”

PDW has meticulously crafted the C100 to align seamlessly with dynamic military targeting methodologies, facilitating the tactical fusion of operations and intelligence on the battlefield. This platform is the culmination of extensive research and development conducted by PDW’s team, comprising veterans, small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) experts, and industry leaders.

The C100 is engineered with versatility at its core, featuring multiple payload bays, a modular and open architecture, and an impressive total payload capacity of up to 15 pounds. This design ensures adaptability to a diverse range of mission sets and payloads.

The approval of PDW’s C100 for inclusion in the DIU Blue UAS list underscores the successful collaboration and coordination across departments involving DIU, Navy PMA-263, and Dark Wolf. This joint effort is dedicated to delivering secure and innovative solutions for the US Government.

About PDW

PDW is a leading unmanned aerial systems (UAS) provider committed to delivering secure, reliable, and NDAA-compliant solutions for the defense industry. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, PDW strives to meet the evolving needs of the operator and support the defense community in achieving its objectives. Visit www.pdw.ai for more information.

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