RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. has announced that they will be contracted to supply TYPHOONTM Mk30-C, counter-UAS, Next Generation Naval Remote Weapon Station (NRWS) to a navy in Asia.

This tens of millions dollar contract will be fulfilled over the course of five years. There will be an expansion option for more systems over the length of the contract. 

TYPHOON Mk30-C includes AI and Automatic Fire Corrected to efficiently defeat small and medium UAS. More specifically, it has the “highly-reliable” NGC Mk44s Bushmaster 30 mm gun (Rafael to Supply). This includes its advanced ammunition capabilities. The TYPHOON Mk30-C offers an enhanced capability in defending against numerous threats. 

RAFAEL is a world leader with a global install base consisting of more than “750 medium caliber Stabilized NRWS Systems (Rafael to Supply). They will be offering their TYPHOON Mk30-C counter-UAS to be a solution for airborne, marine, and shore-based threats. 

Ran Tavor, Vice President and Head of RAFAEL’s Naval Warfare Systems Directorate says, “Our naval applications integrate the groundbreaking combat-proven technologies found in RAFAEL’s systems across a multitude of domains, such as AI and advanced computer vision. We are thankful to the customer for selecting RAFAEL and we look forward to providing our solutions and services.”