Police successfully intercepted a drone-dropped package filled with drugs inside the prison grounds of HMP Lowdham, resulting in the arrest of two suspects. The failed drone delivery attempt was successful due to multiple law enforcement teams collaborating to halt the illegal delivery shortly after spotting the drone flying overhead at approximately 4:05 p.m. on Tuesday, September 5th. A bag containing cannabis and mobile phones was seized from the prison grounds.

Within a short time frame, officers identified a vehicle associated with the drop-off and a potential drone launch site. Nottinghamshire Police’s response and operational support teams and the East Midlands Special Operations Unit (EMSOU) worked together to locate the suspect vehicle.

A van matching the description was later spotted in the Daybrook area, leading to the detention of two individuals when it entered a car park on Mansfield Road. A subsequent van search uncovered a drone, quantities of cannabis, and mobile phones wrapped in cling film. Both men, aged 22 and 26, were arrested on suspicion of various offenses related to smuggling prohibited articles and drug possession with intent to supply.

The successful interception of a drone-dropped package containing prohibited items inside HMP Lowdham was praised as an excellent example of collaborative efforts by multiple police teams. Officers from the response and operational support units, EMSOU, and prison staff played vital roles in preventing the package from reaching its intended destination and apprehending two suspects. Smuggling illicit substances into prisons is a serious offense with significant risks for inmates and staff, and those involved will face consequences. Investigations into the incident are ongoing. (Press Release)

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Post Image Credit: Nottinghamshire Police