The Department for Science, Innovation & Technology has recently released a radio spectrum policy paper.

The radio spectrum is considered an important and finite national resource. Spectrum-dependent devices and services now play a critical role in almost every facet of our economic and social lives. The spectrum has become strategically significant in addressing major upcoming policy challenges such as achieving digital connectivity goals, determining the future of broadcasting, transitioning to renewable energy sources, and implementing the UK National Space Strategy and Integrated Review.

The demand for spectrum will continue to grow across the private and public sectors. This growth is contributing to increased demand for spectrum and challenges in spectrum management.

This statement aims to establish a policy framework that enables the UK government to optimize the value of spectrum use, while aligning with broader policy goals. The statement outlines a new strategic vision and principles for spectrum policy, emphasizing innovation in spectrum management and utilization to create opportunities for growth and societal benefits through increased access to spectrum. The statement also underscores the critical role of spectrum in enabling broader government priorities and lays out the governance structure to facilitate effective cross-government collaboration and engagement with Ofcom on spectrum issues. This effort aligns with the government’s plan to establish the UK as a science and technology leader by 2030.

Visit the Department for Science, Innovation & Technology policy paper- Spectrum statement to read the full document.

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