The Dismounted Close Combat (DCC) Team, under the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD), is planning to grant a multi-product, multi-supplier Framework Agreement contract. This contract aims to procure Counter-uncrewed Air Systems (C-uAS), focusing on Electro-Magnetic DETECT and/or DEFEAT (EMDaD) capabilities, along with associated equipment, for utilization by Dismounted Close Combat Soldiers. The estimated total Framework value is up to £38.75 million, excluding VAT, spread across multiple suppliers over the 7-year duration of the Framework.

Following the award of the Framework Agreement, the Authority plans to request technical data for the proposed products from the supplier. Subsequently, the Authority will initiate the physical product for trials and assessment, which will be conducted either by the Authority itself or a designated third party. Only products that have undergone testing and meet the specified requirements will be procured.

Additionally, separate from the requirement above (subject to another Contract Notice), the Authority intends to enter into a service contract with a single UK-based supplier under the Freedom of Action, following a competitive process. This service contract will authorize the supplier to conduct trials and assessment activities for all equipment procured under the framework on behalf of the Authority.

Additional information can be found here.

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