According to a Telegram post from the “Army of Drones,” Ukraine has developed armor-piercing ammunition for FPV drones. This ammunition is designed to be effective against lightly armored vehicles such as self-propelled guns, armored personnel carriers, and similar vehicles, including those protected with after-market additions such as “drone cages.”

The Army of Drones is a collaborative initiative involving the General Staff of the Armed Forces, the State Special Communications Service, and the Ministry of Digital Transformation. This comprehensive program encompasses the regular procurement of drones based on military requirements and the implementation of a pilot training course.

Army of Drones EFP-S (Image Credit: Army of Drones)


The ammunition has been named the “EFP-S” and can be attached to the FPV drone using zip ties (#4), showcasing a combination of simplicity and effectiveness in its implementation. On the diagram, #3 is the location of the detonator (blasting cap), #5 is an aiming sight, and #6 is a rubber pad.

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Post Image- Graphic illustration of an Army of Drones EFP-S attached to an FPV drone frame. (Image Credit: Army of Drones)