A drone flying near a military base in South Korea has been intercepted by US troops, according to a recent report by Stars and Stripes.

U.S. forces were involved in intercepting an unauthorized drone flying near a military outpost that holds a missile-defense system. This comment comes from an Eighth Army spokesman. 

Lt. Col. Neil Penttila, Eighth Army Spokesman, wrote in an email to Stars and Stripes that U.S. and South Korean troops detected an uncrewed aerial vehicle flying near Forward Operating Site Carroll, near Camp Carroll in Seongju County. This is about 130 miles south of Seoul. 

The troops are said to have “swiftly acted to deny its entry,” Penttila says. There is currently an ongoing investigation. 

This site in South Korea contains a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system, also known as THAAD. The United States deployed the anti-missile battery to South Korea in 2017 as a defense against North Korean threats. 

The drone was spotted by a U.S. soldier. A jamming system was utilized by the U.S. military, which is believed to have caused the drone to crash, according to reporting officials.

A search for the drone occurred and military officials do not believe North Korea was the origin of this drone. 

Threat of Drones Increases on the peninsula

South Korea’s military is beginning to become accustomed to drone incursions after North Korea sent five into the country’s airspace on December 26, 2022. The South gathered fighter jets and deployed helicopters to northern Seoul and the western coast where the drones were spotted. 

No drones were captured and one is believed to have returned to North Korea, according to the Ministry of National Defense. 

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff apologized for not capturing the drones. They commented that the small size of the drones made it extremely difficult. 

The South Korea military responded to reports on December 27th of a potential drone near Seongmo Island. An automated text alert was issued by the Incheon city, but it was later announced that it was only a flock of birds. 

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