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Articles & News

National Airspace Situation and Threat Evaluation System Planned

Cambridge Pixel recently announced it will provide an unnamed nation with a new national airspace situation and threat evaluation system….

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U.S. Special Operations Command to Receive Loitering Munitions

UVision Inc., a global leader in aerial loitering systems, and Mistral Inc., a prominent player in the US defense industry,…

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Leonardo Secures Lead Role in European Counter UAS

In a recent news release, Leonardo announced that the company is the second-largest European participant in the 2023 European Defence…

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DoD Seeking C-UAS Detection Solutions for One-Way UAS

The Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office (CDAO) is soliciting demonstrations for sensors that enhance the detection of one-way unmanned…

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U.S. Navy Seeks Counter-UAS Solutions for Group 3+ Drones

The U.S. Navy plans to rapidly prototype and execute a phased operational test and evaluation to validate the performance of…

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OpenWorks Engineering’s Tracking Solution Vision Pace Launched

OpenWorks Engineering has launched its latest product, Vision Pace, designed specifically for optical tracking and fire-control targeting. Optimized for dynamic…

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FlexForce Adds Fixed-Site Drone Defense Option

Flex Force Enterprises, LLC, a leader in C-UAS equipment design and manufacturing, has announced the launch of its latest innovation,…

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BAE Announces Next-Generation 40mm Anti-Aircraft System

BAE Systems is set to unveil its next-generation 40mm anti-aircraft system, the Tridon Mk2, this week at Eurosatory 2024. This…

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DedroneOnTheMove C-UAS Vehicle-Mounted Solution Launched

Dedrone, a global leader in smart airspace security, has announced the launch of its newest airspace security solution, DedroneOnTheMove (DedroneOTM)….

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Fonon and Laser Photonics Test “Laser Shield Anti-Drone System”

Laser Photonics Corporation, a leading global developer of laser systems for cleaning and material processing applications, along with its parent…

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Latest Resources

Radar Micro-Doppler Signatures for Recognition of Drone Types

Exploring Radar Micro-Doppler Signatures for Recognition of Drone Types is a work by Jun Yan, Huiping Hu, Jiangkun Gong, Deyong…

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GAO: Actions Needed to Support Remote Identification in the NAS

Actions Needed to Better Support Remote Identification in the National Airspace is a study and report by the Government Accountability…

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RF Drone Detection Based on a Distributed Sensor Grid

RF Drone Detection System Based on a Distributed Sensor Grid With Remote Hardware-Accelerated Signal Processing is a work by Przemyslaw…

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Drone and Controller Detection and Localization

Drone and Controller Detection and Localization: Trends and Challenges is a work by Jawad Yousaf, Huma Zia, Marah Alhalabi, Maha…

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Effect of Lidar Receiver Field of View on UAV Detection

Effect of Lidar Receiver Field of View on UAV Detection is a work by Zijian Chen, Yu Miao, Dan Tang,…

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Cellular Base Station Imaging for UAV Detection

Cellular Base Station Imaging for UAV Detection is a work by Pan Cao. With the rapid increase in unmanned aerial…

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Analysis of Drone Operations and Incursion Risk at Airports

Method of Analysis of Drone Operations and Incursion Risk at Airports is a case study by Lance Sherry, Jomana Bashatah,…

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Multistatic Radar Detection and Tracking of Drones

Multistatic Radar Detection and Tracking of Drones is a work by Marc Schneebeli, Andreas Leuengerger, Urs Siegenthaler, and Peter Wellig….

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Objective-Driven Test Method for Evaluation of DTI Counter-UAS

An Objective-Driven Test Method for Comparative Performance Evaluation of Commercial DTI Solutions for Counter UAS systems is an open-access research…

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Securing Your Airspace: Detection of Trespassing Drones

Securing Your Airspace: Detection of Drones Trespassing Protected Areas is a work by Alireza Famili, Angelos Stavrou, Haining Wang, Jung-Min…

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Skyfire Consulting

America's Leading Public Safety UAS Experts

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Leading the Transformation of Modern Warfare™

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Nocturne® Security & Defense

Full-spectrum Observation, Recognition and Elimination.

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Your Future, Simplified.

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Shield UAS Solutions

Protecting your airspace, together.

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Comprehensive Spectrum Situational Awareness & Drone Detection

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Quantic Evans

The Most Power Dense Capacitors in the Industry for C-UAS/Drone Defense Weapons Systems

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BoreSight Aerial Targets

CUAS Training and Swarming Aerial Targets

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EchoGuard is a true breakthrough in compact radar. Combining patented metamaterials electronically scanned array (MESA®) with powerful software, EchoGuard offers…

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Lycan Counter-UAS

The Lycan Counter-UAS is a complete layered C-UAS solution used to mitigate group 1, 2, and 3 UAV targets day…

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Silvus StreamCaster 4400 MANET radio

StreamCaster 4400 SC4400 delivers the power of 4×4 MIMO in a ruggedized package. Designed for maximum performance in fixed infrastructure,…

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Fixed SkyDome System® installations often employ several DroneHunter® interceptors spread out across a landscape. In these cases, each unit must…

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D-Fend Solutions EnforceAir2 Long-Range Directional

LONG-DISTANCE CHALLENGES REQUIRE A LONG-RANGE SOLUTION EnforceAir Long-Range Directional Deployment brings specialized capabilities for the challenges posed in certain environments,…

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BQ400 Raider UAT

The BQ400 is a sub 2 kg, swarming capable quadcopter Uncrewed Aerial Target (UAT) designed to mimic the size and…

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MyDefence Wearable Solutions – WINGMAN & PITBULL

Let MyDefence wearable solution be your Wingman in modern warfare! MyDefence cutting-edge wearable solution, comprising the WINGMAN RF Sensor and…

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AARTOS 360° Programmable Smart Jammer

Introducing the AARTOS 360° Programmable Smart Jammer: Your Ultimate Defense Against Unauthorized Drones! Are you ready to take control of…

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Discovair G2

As drones get more common and adversaries get more creative with how they can take advantage of this technology, security…

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BlueHalo LOCUST Target Acquisition and Tracking System (TATS)

BlueHalo’s LOCUST Target Acquisition and Tracking System (TATS) is a high-performance acquisition, pointing, tracking, aim point designation and/or cueing capability…

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Drone Open-Source Intelligence Investigations Online Training Course

This comprehensive intelligence-led course, taught from an experienced and awarded intelligence professional, will take you through the process for conducting…

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Field Service Representatives (FSRs)

Our FSRs’ are ready to deploy globally in support of C-UAS systems and operations. Our specialists are proven in theatre…

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C-UAS Site Vulnerability Assessment Online Training Course

This comprehensive intelligence-led course, taught from a highly renowned UAS Red Air pilot, will take you through the process for…

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Drone Cyber Security & C-UAS Online Training Course

Offensive UAS Operations and Adversarial Tradecraft Join your trainers as they walk you through the world of Drone Security and…

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C-UAS as a Service (CaaS)

This is a first to market solution. Our C-UAS operators will deploy to your area of operation and design and…

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C-UAS Training

If our C-UAS operational experience has taught us anything, it is that no C-UAS strategy or system will work without…

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GUARDION as a Service

MISSION-PROVEN TECHNOLOGY Designing an effective Counter-UAS system is only the first step. Proving that reliable and field-ready solution against real-world…

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Applied UAS Forensics + CFID Certification Course

For first responders to a criminal incident involving a drone, actions or inactions could have serious consequences to the investigation…

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Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA)

A UAS-specific vulnerability assessment that assists organisations and facilities in understanding how a site may be vulnerable to the risks…

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C-UAS Intelligence Collection

DroneSec provides human-analyzed intelligence collection and reporting for the purposes of C-UAS. This service combines deep technical analysis, threat actor…

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Director, Program Management

Advanced Technology Systems Company in Gilbert, AZ is looking for a Director of Program Management to join our team. The successful…

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Professional Services Lead

D-Fend Solutions Inc., the world leader in Counter Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, (c-UAVs)/Counter Drone Technologies is seeking a Professional Services Lead…

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Deputy Program Manager

The Deputy Program Manager position is the primary interface between the Program Director and the Functional Leadership Team, responsible for…

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Sales Executive – Commercial Transportation Sector

Join D-Fend Solutions in helping to make the world a safer place by addressing emerging challenges in the dynamic and…

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Sr. Pricing Analyst

Responsible for all pricing activities and the development and submission of the Cost and Price Volume of proposals Responsible for…

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