Airservices Australia anticipates an influx of drones in the Australian airspace from 1.5 million today to around 60 million by 2043. This significant increase in air traffic will require an unmanned aircraft system traffic management (UTM) ecosystem to meet the growing traffic in Australia’s airspace.

Frequentis Australasia has been appointed to develop cutting-edge digital air traffic management systems to meet this new challenge, enabling the safe integration of millions of unmanned aircraft flights into Australia’s bustling airspace.

Frequentis has been chosen to develop a Flight Information Management System (FIMS) for Airservices, facilitating the integration of drones, air taxis, and other unmanned aircraft into Australia’s airspace. The FIMS will be the foundation for Australia’s UTM ecosystem, allowing Airservices to share flight information among air traffic control, conventional aircraft, and unmanned airspace users. Frequentis was selected following an extensive process, including prototype development and in-field trials, based on its demonstrated expertise in delivering operational UTM systems globally.

Jason Harfield, Airservices Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, said the new system would support the safe integration of current and future air traffic with the rapid growth of uncrewed aircraft. “Drones are the biggest growth area in aviation, and our partnership with Frequentis to develop a FIMS will enable us to integrate traditional and new airspace users into increasingly busy airspace,” Mr. Harfield said. He continued, “With Frequentis, we will develop a FIMS that meets the needs of Australian airspace users and ensures we can safely integrate millions of drone flights with other users. I’m confident the new FIMS will encourage the growing drone market to reach its full potential in Australia.”

“Frequentis is the only company worldwide to have successfully delivered UTM solutions to multiple Air Navigation Service Providers. This strategic partnership with Airservices Australia represents another important milestone in our mission to support the Australian airspace ecosystem with safe, efficient, and compliant integration of drones while fostering innovation and economic growth,” said Martin Rampl, Managing Director, Frequentis Australia.

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Post Image Credit- envatoelements by Garakta-Studio