AeroDefense has announced the integration of Observation Without Limits (O.W.L.) radar ground and air detection capability with their AirWarden™ system. AirWarden™ is AeroDefense’s fixed and mobile Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum sensing drone and pilot detection solution.

Certain critical infrastructure entities necessitate a multi-layer technology approach to mitigate the risk posed by unauthorized drones and people. AeroDefense’s AirWarden RF spectrum sensing system, combined with O.W.L.’s top-rated radar technology, presents a solution that detects RF-based and radio-silent drones of various sizes and speeds, as well as their operators, the moment the drone is turned on.

To fulfill the demands of discerning drone detection users who require extensive data to support their security teams’ responses, the combined system showcases every detection method and type in a clear and identifiable manner on AirWarden’s user-friendly interface.

AeroDefense Founding CEO, Linda Ziemba, says, “By combining the strengths of both systems, AirWarden offers our correctional facility customers a contraband prevention platform to detect and prevent airborne contraband deliveries by drone and ground-based contraband deliveries by people or vehicles. It also gives our utility customers an integrated platform to detect both human and drone traffic at unprotected electric substations.”

The integration supports the O.W.L. GroundAware® family of 2D and 3D digital beamforming radar systems used by critical infrastructure and government sectors around the world.

“We have learned firsthand that layered security is essential for comprehensive drone situational awareness. We are pleased to partner with AeroDefense to provide their customers an added layer of low-altitude airspace surveillance, plus simultaneous ground coverage for detecting and tracking drone operators,” says Tom Gates, O.W.L. president.

The integrated system will be on display at O.W.L.’s exhibit in booth 11099 at ISC West, the most comprehensive security industry conference in the US, taking place in Las Vegas March 29-30.

About AeroDefense

AeroDefense offers fixed and mobile drone detection solutions for stadiums, airports, correctional facilities, military forces, and other critical infrastructure. AeroDefense’s patented Radio Frequency (RF) based drone detection system, AirWarden™, detects, classifies, locates, and tracks both drone and pilot simultaneously, providing actionable intelligence to respond effectively (and safely) to drone threats. Because AirWarden passively detects drone signals via RF spectrum sensing, it recognizes devices it has not seen before, unlike systems reliant on signature databases, and does not violate federal criminal surveillance laws. Based in Oceanport, NJ, AeroDefense is a privately held company with all engineering, manufacturing, and support based in the US. To learn more about AeroDefense and AirWarden, please visit

About O.W.L.

OWL is a business formed by Dynetics, a Leidos company with 3,000+ staff members and state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing facilities in Huntsville, Alabama. OWL leverages 48 years of radar and integration experience with U.S. defense and intelligence community customers to develop, manufacture, install, and support the OWL GroundAware® family of 2D and 3D digital beamforming radar systems. Critical infrastructure and government sectors worldwide use OWL solutions for ground and low-altitude airspace surveillance, as well as for integrated counter-drone systems. To learn more about OWL, please visit