Adding to the drone airspace awareness picture and helping bridge the gap between communities and public safety agencies, AirData‘s public-facing data option, employed by public safety agencies throughout the United States, presents a proactive resolution for community-focused police departments and public safety agencies.

The use of drones by public safety agencies worldwide has provided them with a potent tool to enhance existing capabilities, reduce response times, increase safety, and increase personnel presence. Community discussions surrounding these programs emphasize the importance of public accountability and transparency. In collaboration with community-invested agencies, AirData has joined forces to introduce the Public Portal, a robust new tool to foster public trust and engagement.

AirData provides a platform for managing drone fleets and live streaming and incorporates detailed data tracking as a fundamental feature. Law enforcement agencies can share flight information publicly through their personalized AirData Public Portal websites. These platforms offer transparent access to the flight paths and locations of public safety operations, allowing the public to search for missions based on address or time period. The shared data is customized for each department’s needs and can be automatically filtered to ensure confidentiality. AirData has collaborated with pioneering agencies like Chula Vista PD, Sacramento PD, and Las Vegas Metro PD, leveraging their expertise to develop and advance the Public Portal program to promote safer and more community-focused policing.

Agencies face the crucial challenge of balancing concerns related to privacy, officer safety, and operational security with the imperative of cultivating public trust and engagement. AirData addresses these considerations through robust backend features that allow agencies to tailor parameters to suit their operations. A key feature is the ability to customize the time period before sharing flight information, providing a broad security layer. Additionally, individual pilots have granular control over data sharing through checklists and flight tags. For instance, pilots engaged in sensitive missions can maintain confidentiality by promptly completing a post-flight checklist using the AirData UAV mobile app.

“Implementing AirData’s Public Portal into our UAS program has revolutionized the way we share our drone operations with the community,” said Detective Steven Oscar, Program Coordinator and Chief UAS Pilot at LVMPD. “It’s transparent, user-friendly, and bridges the gap between technology and public trust. With real-time data sharing, we’re not just flying drones; we’re fostering an environment of openness and accountability. AirData has enabled us to elevate our program’s transparency to new heights, ensuring our community is always in the loop and fully aware of the benefits our UAS initiatives bring.”

Post Image Credit- AirData UAV