The U.S. State Department has approved a potential Foreign Military Sale to Poland, endorsing the acquisition of Airspace and Surface Radar Reconnaissance aerostat systems, along with related logistics and program support. The estimated cost of this sale is $1.2 billion. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency has formally notified Congress of this potential transaction.

The requested items include Airspace and Surface Radar Reconnaissance (ASRR) aerostat systems, Airborne Early Warning (AEW) Radars with Identification of Friend or Foe (IFF) capability, electronic sensor systems, mooring systems, Ground Control Systems (GCS), installation hardware, special tools, test equipment, program management support, verification testing, technical support, transportation, spare and repair parts, communications equipment, manuals, personnel training, and other associated logistics and program support elements. The overall program cost is estimated at $1.2 billion.

This proposed sale aligns with U.S. foreign policy goals and national security objectives by enhancing the security of a NATO Ally. It aims to strengthen Poland‘s ability to address current and future threats from enemy air and ground weapons systems. The acquired capability will serve as an airborne early warning system, aiding in the defense against regional threats and allowing Poland to contribute more significantly to future NATO operations. The integration of this equipment into Poland’s armed forces is expected to be seamless.

Post Image- Raytheon Aerostat (Image Credit: Raytheon)