On June 29th, Australian company Boresight announced that it had shipped its largest-ever order of the  Boresight BQ400 aerial target drone to an undisclosed US Government customer, reported the Australian Defence Magazine. This significant order includes 350 BQ400s and comes just three months after the Canberra-based company celebrated completing its 1,000th BQ400 UAS.

In April, Boresight stated that its order book indicated it would likely deliver its 2,000th and 3,000th units within this calendar year, with the 2,000th unit expected to be delivered in the coming months.

In addition to the undisclosed US Government customer, the BQ400 has been ordered and operated by EOS Defence Systems and the Australian Army, among others.

The BQ400 can operate independently or as part of a swarm with other BQ400s. The company is also developing the capability for the BQ400 to mimic the command and control signatures of various commercially available UAS systems, providing even more realistic training for end-users.

In April, Boresight announced the creation of a US subsidiary, Boresight US, to serve the US market.

“At the moment, we’re shipping over 500 drones to the US a year,” Boresight CEO Justin Olde told the Huntsville Business Journal in April.

“But that number is accelerating rapidly. Our target to establish a manufacturing facility here is 2,000 to 3,000 drones a year,” he added.

Olde further stated that the new manufacturing facility will be supported by an entirely American supply chain.

“We will do full production–including the 3D printing, sourcing the supply chain, and everything else–through US sources,” Olde told the Huntsville Business Journal.

Post Image- Boresight BQ400 Raider (Image Credit: Boresight)