Dedrone is set to leverage the test facilities at UAS Denmark International Test Center (UAS Denmark) at the Hans Christian Andersen (HCA) for real-time development and testing, offering access to cutting-edge sensors and threat simulation capabilities.

UAS Denmark Test Center in Odense, Denmark, serves as a premier unmanned systems technology test and development hub. It results from a collaboration between HCA, Odense Municipality, and the University of Southern Denmark.

The mission at UAS Denmark is to enhance the potential of drones by providing optimal conditions for startups, businesses, and public entities, offering access to top-tier testing facilities, expertise, skills, and a vibrant ecosystem right in the heart of Europe’s robotics hub in Odense.

“We are happy to witness that our test center serves as a hub for the entire drone ecosystem – both in terms of physical drones and their software systems as well as anti-drone technology (counter UAS/C-UAS),” says Head of UAS Denmark Test Center Michael Larsen, adding:

“With Dedrone we are adding an internationally acclaimed counter-drone specialist to our ecosystem, and we are confident that both Dedrone, the test center and our other companies will benefit Dedrone’s presence at the airport.”

Established in 2014 and based near Washington D.C., Dedrone operates in 32 countries and is utilized by five G-7 nation governments.

This move marks Dedrone as the second American company to establish a presence at HCA Airport this year. In an earlier development in 2023, Thunderstrike Aviation unveiled plans to construct a test, development, and demonstration center at the airport.