Drone Drills: How to Prepare for a Drone Incident is a paper written by Lieutenant Colonel Andre Haider, GE A, from NATO’s Joint Air Power Competence Centre (JAPCC).

Do you know what to do during a known or suspicious nefarious incident that involves a drone? This paper offers valuable guidance on immediate actions to take during the initial moments of a drone incident before the arrival of security personnel or first responders. While it doesn’t cover advanced countermeasures provided by professional Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS), it focuses on helping individuals respond safely and effectively to drone incidents, like administering first aid or initiating evacuation procedures in emergencies.

Robust emergency procedures are essential for prompt and effective crisis management across military, civil, and public sectors. These protocols, covering areas such as first aid, fire response, and bomb threat management, are designed to save lives, prevent injuries, and reduce damage. Regular drills ensure that all involved parties are familiar with these protocols, enhancing overall crisis response and safety.

However, while standard protocols exist for common emergencies, many organizations lack specific strategies for handling drone-related incidents, which are becoming increasingly common due to the rise in drone usage. Addressing drone incidents requires customized plans encompass threat assessment, protective measures, and immediate response protocols. Regular drills are crucial to maintaining readiness and skill proficiency.

Given that C-UAS technology is not yet widely accessible, prompt action upon detection of drone incidents is vital to minimizing potential harm, damage, and casualties.

Drone Drills: How to Prepare for a Drone Incident contains the following major sections:

  • Executive Summary
  • Threats Originating from Drones
  • Drone Capabilities
  • Immediate Response Options
  • Preparatory Mitigation Options
  • Post Incident Measures
  • Conclusion

Drone Drills Supplemental Resources

The Drone Drills: How to Prepare for a Drone Incident paper can be accessed here or at the bottom of the page. In addition to the paper, the author has provided additional resources for the reader that include:

  • Drone Sighting Report Sheet
  • Drone Incident After Action Report
  • Guidelines for Conducting a Drone Drill
  • Drone Warning and Alarm Poster
  • Prepare for Drones Poster
  • Drone Incident Assembly Point Sign
  • Drone Drills- Presentation with Speaking Notes

These resources can be accessed at the bottom of the page or via the following link.

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