Two South Carolina men were arrested Sunday, December 11th following reports of a drone package drop. They are facing charges after being convicted for flying drugs inside the walls of a correctional facility in Marlboro County. 

Marlboro County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to Evans Correctional Institution following reports of a package drop inside of the prison. The Sheriff’s Office confirmed the package had marijuana. Following the prison check, police checked Lindsey Park and conducted a traffic stop with a gray Dodge Charger. 

Antonine Ferguson, 51, of Columbia, and Steven Allen Washington, 44, of Walterboro, were inside the vehicle when police initiated the stop. Deputies noticed that Washington had dirt and grass covering his shoes. Washington countered by saying he had been cheating on his wife and was walking through the grass. 

Deputies conducting a vehicle search found two handguns, three semi-automatic rifles, walkie-talkies, night vision optics, and a drone remote control along with a ghillie suit. 

Following the arrest, both men were charged with distribution of marijuana, criminal conspiracy, and furnishing contraband to a state inmate or into a state institution of facility.

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