The Queensland Police Service in Australia is conducting an investigation after a drone attempted to drop $250,000 worth of drugs into the Townsville prison. Patrol officers found the drone on the grounds of the Townsville Correctional Centre. The drone was seized on November 11th. 

Police believe that the drone crashed two days before patrol found it. It was hauling a package of methylamphetamine, tobacco, cannabis, and over 600 suboxone strips. Suboxone strips are utilized for people recovering from opioid addictions. The strip itself can also be addictive. 

Louise Kneeshaw, the Townsville Correctional Complex general manager Chief Superintendent, says that drug drops into prisons are dangerous for both inmates and staff. 

Kneeshaw says, “Under new laws the flying drones over a correctional center could result in a prison sentence.” 

Police are requesting members of the public to provide any information regarding the incident. 

Editors Note: In this photo, the camera protective is still attached to the DJI Mavic. Although the exact dropping/delivery mechanism can not be determined, a fishing line is observed in this photo.