Drone Strategy 2.0 is a communication from the European Commission to guide the further development of drone technology, including the regulatory and commercial environment. The document is an affirmation of the growth potential of drones, and sets the Commission’s vision to develop a thriving viable drone eco-system in the European Union.

Publication Date- November 29, 2022

Drone Strategy 2.0 contains ten areas to develop the drone eco-system and help to achieve the vision of the Commission:

  • Improving airspace capabilities (U-space development and integration with Air Traffic Management)
  • Facilitating Aerial Operations
  • Developing Innovating Air Mobility
  • Ensuring sustainability and societal acceptance
  • Promoting the human dimension (knowledge, training, skills, competences)
  • Providing funding and financing
  • Identifying strategic technology building blocks and technology enablers
  • Enabling testing and demonstrations
  • Driving common standards
  • Increasing counter-drone capabilities and system resilience

Drone Strategy 2.0 documents 19 flagship actions to be implemented by the European Commission.  The flagship actions are designed to build the European drone services market and strengthen the European drone civil, security, and defence industry capabilities and synergies.

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Author- European Commission

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