Aviation Safety: Federal Efforts to Address Unauthorized Drone Flights Near Airports is a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report.

The FAA has reported a significant increase in drone sightings near or at airports in recent years. The FAA prohibits drone operations that disrupt airport activities. Whether accidental or intentional, unauthorized drone flights near airports pose safety and security risks, leading to flight delays.

The GAO reviewed airport drone detection and mitigation measures in response to concerns. The report focuses on three main areas: (1) the roles of federal and local authorities in responding to drone incidents at airports, (2) federal legal frameworks governing the use of drone detection and counter-drone technology at airports, and (3) FAA initiatives to incorporate this technology into airport planning and its impact on drone integration efforts.

GAO examined relevant federal laws, regulations, agency documents, and reports. Interviews were conducted with FAA, DHS, and 18 other aviation, law enforcement, and related entities to gather diverse perspectives. Additionally, GAO reviewed FAA planning documents to assess how counter-drone technologies were integrated into the FAA’s efforts to integrate drones into the airspace.

Publication Date– March 2024

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Post Image- Delta Connection Endeavor Air Bombardier CRJ-900 at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (Image Credit: Adobe Stock by Markus Mainka)