The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Office of Airports and Safety Standards released Counter-UAS guidance with attachments to all airport sponsors interested in evaluating, demonstrating, or otherwise installing UAS detection systems or who already have detection systems on or near airports.

The FAA letter with attachments makes clear the agency’s stance regarding the use of Counter-UAS mitigation technology by non-federal entities at or around airports.  In addition to the warning regarding mitigation technology, the letter further explains that some detection systems may implicate provisions of federal law, such as those found in Title 18 of the United States Code.

Publication Date- May 7, 2019

The information to airport sponsors was accompanied by the following attachments:

Attachment 1: July 19, 2018, Letter from the FAA Office of Airports on Guidance on Use of Counter-UAS Systems at Airports.

Attachment 2: The FAA’s answers to some frequently asked questions regarding UAS detection and countermeasure/mitigation systems and technologies.

Attachment 3: Technical questions and considerations the FAA has used to assess the technical readiness level of UAS detection technologies, as it may be helpful to airport operators

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Author– Federal Aviation Administration

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