Flex Force has remained committed to assisting the FAA’s Airport Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Detection and Mitigation Research Program since the enactment of the FAA Reauthorization Act on October 5, 2018. The Act, which extended the FAA’s funding and authorities until Fiscal Year 2023, included crucial legislative adjustments aimed at enhancing the safety and speed of UAS integration into the National Air Space (NAS).

In August 2020, the FAA initially disclosed its plans to examine and assess technologies and systems that could identify and minimize potential safety hazards caused by unmanned aircraft at and around airports. The testing program involved five airports, which were chosen for participation. By March 2022, the selection of UAS mitigation systems had been completed, and in the summer of 2022, Flex Force supplied the new Dronebuster(r) Block 4.

The Dronebuster Block 4, deployed by the FAA as a standalone mitigation solution, underwent evaluation in the autumn of 2022, and in early 2023, the initial testing at Atlantic City International Airport was successfully completed. The FAA’s research into UAS detection and mitigation is anticipated to continue throughout 2023. The Dronebuster will now advance to up to four additional airports for NAS testing. The findings from this evaluation will aid the FAA and other authorized federal entities in developing strategies for certifying, authorizing, or permitting UAS detection and mitigation technologies across the nation.

Dronebuster can be used for a wide range of operations

Flex Force’s Dronebuster Block 4 is an advanced mitigation system for UAS (drones) that can be customized for a wide range of operations within the NAS. Although it is typically utilized as a handheld system weighing approximately 5 pounds, the Dronebuster can also be conveniently mounted onto a pan and tilt gimbal and integrated into a command and control (C2) system for remote operation (both autonomous and manual). The Dronebuster system can jam a wide range of UAS frequency bands.

The company is located in Portland, OR, at the intersection of a significant tech corridor stretching from Seattle to Silicon Valley.

Post Image: Dronebuster Block 4 (Image Credit- Flex Force Enterprises Inc.)

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