As agencies increasingly acquire complex products, like integrated networks of hardware and software, novel processes for design, production, and delivery become essential. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has discovered that to deliver such products swiftly to users consistently, acquisition programs for these networks—commonly called cyber-physical systems, encompassing aircraft and uncrewed vehicles—must embrace innovative approaches to evaluate performance and assess execution risks.

While solutions may not solely originate from within the government, identifying the practices leading companies employ to create cyber-physical products can provide critical, cutting-edge insights to government acquisition leaders. This, in turn, can help shape improvements to agencies’ acquisition processes, fostering efficiency and effectiveness in acquiring these advanced technologies.

GAO utilized a comprehensive approach to identify leading product development companies. They selected 14 companies based on their rankings in widely acknowledged lists. Subsequently, GAO conducted interviews with representatives from these companies, thoroughly reviewed supplementary documentation, and skillfully synthesized the collected information. Through this meticulous process, they discerned the key structures and activities contributing to successful product development in these leading organizations.

Please read the full Government Accountability Office (GAO) report attached below.

Publication Date- July 2023

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Post Image- GAO Analysis of leading company information (Image Credit: GAO Illustration- GAO-23-106222)s