The Global Drone Security Network (GDSN) is the only event of its kind focusing on Cyber-UAV security, Drone Threat Intelligence, Counter-UAS, and UTM security. GDSN#3 is featured with speakers from various background. Speakers currently work within drone bug bounty programs, counter-uas operations, threat intelligence, first responders, physical security guards, laws and regulations and more.

Schedule – Day 1

6PM- Speaker: Ong Jiin Joo (Co-Founder and CTO @ Garuda Robotics)
Topic: Cyber Security for Internet Connected Drones

7PM- Speaker: Antoine Menini (CTO @ CerbAir)
Topic: UAV miniaturization and countering drones: how RF will always be the right choice vs radar?

8PM- Speaker: Victor Vuillard (Chief Security Officer @ Parrot)
Topic: Parrot, from cybersecurity by design to bug bounty

9PM- Speaker: Kim James (Director @ Drone Guards & UAV Aerial Works)
Topic: Integrating UAV technology into security elements to fight crime

Schedule – Day 2

9PM Gabriel Bendheim Counter-Drone Solution Engineer @ D-Fend Cyber
Topic: Counter-Drone Concepts for Control & Continuity in Challenging Environments

10PM Ilker Aktaşoğlu Defence Insight Manager @ Shephard Media
Topic: Use of COTS drones by insurgents, and how this can be countered

11PM Garik Markarian CEO, Founder @ Rinicom Ltd
Topic: DroneWISE: a Counter-UAV Command, Control and Coordination Strategy for first responders

12PM David Kovar Founder, CEO @ URSA Inc
Topic: Understanding CUAS – CUAS test & evaluation and CUAS forensics