After a year of development, Grupo TRC has recently provided the Spanish Army with the latest version of the CERVUS III anti-drone system for field tests. The system was made available through the Electronic Warfare Regiment No. 31 (Rew31).

Cervus III is a 100% Spanish-brand development resulting from collaboration between the army and private companies, which implies a quantum leap in defense and protection capabilities.

The new version of Cervus includes a command and control (C2) system that integrates all sensors under a single graphical user interface (GUI) that allows operators to manage the functionalities of all anti-drone systems on one screen.

The new platform incorporates TRC’s radio frequency capture devices, specifically designed to expand the analyzed radio spectrum. It also includes a high-performance electro-optical device developed by E&M. By leveraging TRC’s artificial vision algorithms in conjunction with the E&M sensor; the platform can autonomously detect the presence of drones and accurately determine their geographical position. These capabilities are made possible by integrating artificial intelligence models and algorithms, which have been trained in collaboration with REW31.

Additionally, the platform allows the integration of radars to extend the system’s reach and improve the precision in the positioning of threats.

The latest version of the platform, developed entirely by TRC with the collaboration of E&M and REW31, introduces an advanced feature that enables the system to automatically detect and identify potential threats without requiring the operator to possess in-depth knowledge of radio frequency. This simplifies system management and streamlines the deployment of the solution on a large scale.

About Grupo TRC

TRC, a technology integration company with Spanish capital, specializes in designing, implementing, and maintaining IT systems. With a strong focus on cybersecurity solutions, network infrastructure deployment, anti-drone electronic warfare technology, and software development, TRC serves various sectors, including Security, Defense, Industrial, and Health.

Leveraging advanced technologies, TRC is committed to delivering comprehensive solutions that safeguard and enhance operational effectiveness in military and security environments. Their expertise spans from surveillance and reconnaissance to cybersecurity and applied artificial intelligence. TRC is at the forefront of innovation, leading projects like the groundbreaking Cervus system.

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Post Image- The TRC Innovation Team tests Cervus with the Spanish Army at REW31 (Image Credit: Grupo TRC)