High Point Aerotechnologies (HPA), in connection with the US Army Tactical Aviation and Ground Munitions Project Office (TAGM), recently participated in a threat tracking exercise at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida.

Close up of High Point Aerotech Shield System

HPA’s Shield system – via state-of-the-art radar and electro-optical sensors was used to track land, sea, and air vehicles at 8 km and beyond.  Utilizing the Spyglass radar, the system radar tracked maneuvering targets, including Class 1 boats, Class 3 unmanned aerial systems, and various ground vehicles at tactically significant ranges.  During the exercise, the Shield system successfully employed laser designation to enable long-range kinetic engagements with various laser-guided munitions such as Hellfire, Longbow, and more.

High Point's Shield system near the beach

About High Point Aerotechnologies

High Point Aerotech is a technology company providing autonomous layered defense and robotic systems for multi-mission capabilities. The company was formed in 2022 and expanded through the acquisition of Liteye Systems and Black Sage Technologies, building on the legacy of these storied counter-uncrewed system brands. They are at the cutting edge of modern defense, developing scalable, interoperable, open systems integrated directly into civil and military systems. Our systems have been tested, trusted, and scaled by military and civilian organizations in over 15 countries worldwide to defend against UxS and emerging autonomous threats.

Post Images- High Point Aerotechnologies Shield system (Image Credit: High Point Aerotechnologies)