A National Strategy for Drones Across Land, Sea and Air is a white paper authored by the Drone Delivery Group. The Drone Delivery Group originated in the United Kingdom (UK), but has grown to include members from around the world. The mission of the Drone Delivery Group is to provide an open, free and inclusive vehicle for industry to voice its concerns, opinions, and recommendations on the emerging drone industry to the government.

The Drone Delivery Group published this white paper to promote the development of coordinated regulations for drones across land, sea, and air in the UK. The regulations would be supported by relevant “Safety and Quality” standards as an effective method to ensure safety, coherence, and interoperability across the emerging drone industry.

A National Strategy for Drones Across Land, Sea and Air contains the following major sections:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Value Proposition
  3. Scope
  4. Current Position
  5. Challenges
    1. Use of Standards
    2. The Case for Harmonisation
      1. Multi-Domain Operations
      2. Autonomous Operations
    3. The Need for Certification Schemes
  6. A Proposed Strategy for Drones Across Land, Sea and Air
    1. The Case for Supporting Regulations with Standards
  7. Summary and Recommendations

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