The UK has unveiled a new strategy to accelerate the deployment of drones in its armed forces, with a minimum investment of £4.5 billion over the next decade. The UK Defence Drone Strategy, influenced by lessons learned from the conflict in Ukraine, aims to provide rapid access to innovative drone technology across air, sea, and land. The strategy will streamline experimentation, testing, and evaluation processes for uncrewed platforms, aligning the British Army, Royal Navy, and Royal Air Force approaches.

The goal is to equip the armed forces swiftly with critical capabilities, including intelligence, reconnaissance, surveillance, strike, and logistical support. The strategy emphasizes adaptability, allowing for ongoing development and upgrades to stay ahead of technological advancements and evolving threats. The initial focus is on successfully implementing the Ukraine-UK uncrewed systems initiative.

Of the £2.5 billion allocated to support Ukraine in the upcoming financial year, over £200 million will be allocated to provide Ukraine with uncrewed systems. The UK plans to scale up the Drone Capability Coalition’s provision of ‘first-person view’ (FPV) drones to Ukraine, contributing to the growth of the UK’s domestic drone industry in manufacturing and software development. By collaborating with international partners and leading uncrewed systems designers, the UK aims to become a world leader, fostering exports in the growing global market, creating investment opportunities, supporting domestic jobs, and aligning with the Prime Minister’s economic growth priorities.

The Drone Strategy emphasizes a robust partnership with the industry, leveraging the UK’s rich industrial, robotics, and digital heritage. By engaging with the industry regularly and providing clear incentives, the strategy aims to encourage industry support for rapid manufacturing and adaptation at a scale and capability that can provide operational advantages for the UK Armed Forces. (Press Release)

For additional information, please visit UK MOD Drone Defence Strategy

Post Image- Hydro 400 with MBDA Brimstone Missiles (Image Credit: UK MOD)