Ondas Holdings Inc., a supplier of private industrial wireless networks alongside commercial drone and automated data solutions, announced that it has received an inaugural purchase order for its Iron-Drone Raider counter-unmanned aircraft system (C-UAS) from an Israeli defense firm. The Iron-Drone Raider System is a unique, AI-integrated interception drone system that enables the neutralization of hostile drones to protect borders and infrastructure. Following thorough testing and integration, Ondas expects subsequent orders from this client and others.

At the beginning of 2023, Airobotics, a subsidiary of Ondas, acquired Iron Drone Ltd’s assets and introduced the inaugural Iron-Drone Raider system under Airobotics’ banner. Subsequently, in August of last year, the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) granted funding to bolster the system’s advancement and augment its functionalities.

“This order is a major advance for our Ondas Autonomous Systems business unit as we drive commercialization of our Iron-Drone Raider C-UAS platform,” said Eric Brock, Chairman and CEO of Ondas. “Our Airobotics team has demonstrated its exceptional capabilities by rapidly enhancing the Iron-Drone Raider platform for new market requirements tailored for military deployments. We believe this system offers best-in-class specifications and will help protect borders and critical infrastructure assets not only in Israel, but also many other countries worldwide.”

Ondas assesses that the rise of small and autonomous drones poses an escalating threat. The Iron-Drone Raider platform offers a distinctive solution, effectively neutralizing these threats at a reasonable cost without causing collateral damage. Leveraging onboard AI technologies, the system identifies, locates, tracks, and intercepts hostile drones, seamlessly integrating with various drone detection systems. The Raider, an agile autonomous drone, is armed with interception mechanisms. Complementing this is a highly automated docking station, adept at simultaneously handling multiple hostile drone targets. Following each mission, the Raider returns to its initial position, ready for reuse.

Post Image Credit- Ondas Holdings