Silvus Technologies, Inc., a global leader in advanced wireless networking communication systems, recently introduced the StreamCaster TRINITY, MIMO transceiver array. Delivering high-bandwidth, long-range communications in any environment, StreamCaster TRINITY combines the performance of dual-band (S/C) StreamCaster MANET radios with a high-gain antenna array that delivers 360° of coverage for air and ground applications.

Designed for Defense, Law Enforcement, Public Safety, and Commercial users, StreamCaster TRINITY is powered by Silvus’ proprietary MN-MIMO waveform that creates a self-forming, adaptive mesh network capable of connecting hundreds of nodes at an extended (50+ km) link range. Featuring flexible mounting options, StreamCaster TRINITY enables users to create a rapidly deployable high-performance mesh network for mobile, remote, or fixed-site operations.

StreamCaster TRINITY’s unique tri-lobe design allows each of TRINITY’s three high-gain 12 dBi sector antennas to provide 120° of coverage. Together, they can achieve 360° coverage or work separately to support individual networks connecting manned/unmanned air vehicles, ground assets, and personnel. Onboard, three integrated Silvus SC4400E MANET radios provide up to 20W output power (80W effective power thanks to TX Eigen Beamforming) and up to 100 Mbps of data throughput to support high-bandwidth video, voice, and data communications.

Whether mounted tactically on masts or permanently installed on rooftops or towers, StreamCaster TRINITY provides the operational flexibility to create a strategic communications infrastructure for region-wide mesh networks or localized operations. Additionally, with flexible power source options (AC or DC), StreamCaster TRINITY can go wherever it is needed most.

“StreamCaster TRINITY delivers a rapidly deployable and powerfully integrated MANET radio and MIMO array solution that can instantly expand users’ mesh networking capabilities in virtually any environment,” said Jimi Henderson, Silvus Technologies, Vice President of Sales. “Today’s operations are becoming more complex, diverse, and dynamic. StreamCaster TRINITY’s unique tri-lobe design solves this with a versatile transceiver array that can provide high-bandwidth mesh coverage for independent single sectors or across the spectrum of operations.”

Post Image- Silvus StreamCaster TRINITY (Image Credit: Silvus Technologies)