In The First War Won Primarily with Unmanned Systems, John Antal provides ten lessons learned from the Second Nargorno-Karabakh War, further detailed in the work.

Publication Date- 2021

The ten lessons derived from his extensive study of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) that are covered in further detail are:

  1. Know Yourself and Know Your Enemy
  2. Maintain The Initiative
  3. Dominate As Many Domains As Possible
  4. Precision Fires Enable Maneuver And Maneuver Exploits The Effects of Fire
  5. The Battlespace Is Transparent
  6. Masking
  7. Top Attack Is The Decisive Method of Engagement
  8. Active Protection Systems and Air Defense
  9. Win The Information War
  10. War Now Moves At Hyper-Speed And Is More Connected Than Ever Before

Author- John Antal

John Antal is a military thinker, defense analyst, and correspondent who has served as a member of the US Army Science Board. He retired from the US Army after 30-years in uniform, with 26-years commanding tank and cavalry units from platoon to regiment. He is a graduate of the United States Military Academy, the Command and General Staff College, and the US Army War College. He has worked for Microsoft Corporation and as a consultant for a number of military defense companies. John has been hosted on radio, podcast, and television shows to discuss military topics and is the author of 16 books and hundreds of magazine articles on military and leadership subjects.

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