On Friday, November 17th, just before midnight, officers with the Grovetown Police Department (Georgia) arrested three people who are suspected of using a drone to deliver contraband into the Augusta State Medical Prison.

Officers encountered two individuals walking near the dead-end of Railroad Avenue at the border of the Augusta State Medical Prison property. Due to a surge in thefts and auto break-ins, officers stepped out of their vehicles to initiate a field interview with two individuals identified as Gerald Jiminez and Joslyn Apaisa.

While searching a backpack worn by Jiminez, officers found a drone, a remote control, and two vacuum-sealed packages. One package contained over a pound of marijuana, and one had over a pound of methamphetamine.

During the conversation with the duo, 28-year-old Isreal Walters from Augusta arrived at the scene in a vehicle. Despite Jiminez’s vehicle being parked nearby, he claimed to be in the area to offer a ride to Apaisa. Walters was subsequently detained as the investigation unfolded.

Upon questioning at the Grovetown Police Department, Mr. Jiminez and Ms. Apaisa confessed to being in the area to deliver narcotics onto the premises of Augusta State Medical Prison using a drone. Further inquiry revealed that Mr. Walters was acquainted with the plan and may have been in the vicinity acting as a lookout.

All three individuals faced charges of Trafficking of Methamphetamine and Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute, leading to their commitment to the Columbia County Detention Center. Chief Kitchens mentioned that additional charges will likely be filed in the ongoing investigation. (Press Release)

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Post Image- From the top left, Gerald Jiminez, Joslynn Apaisa, and Isreal Walters. On the bottom row are images of the confiscated drone and drugs. (Image Credit: Grovetown Police Department)