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Whether you are new to the airspace awareness and protection mission or have years of experience, you can always learn new things to improve your knowledge, skills, and perspectives. If you are new to the industry, understanding complex topics and concepts about Counter-UAS can seem daunting. No matter your level of experience, there are so many relevant topics to be aware of: the evolution of uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) technology, the integration of commercial and hobby UAS into the airspace, the evolving UAS threat, the available Counter-UAS technology, laws and regulations regarding UAS and Counter-UAS technology, current events and news, industry trends, training, and resources to name a few.

Our mission at C-UAS Hub is to provide those crucial informational resources for this fast-moving and agile security mission in one place. The more we understand this quickly-evolving security mission, the better we can protect our critical infrastructure, assets, and mass gatherings. This page is a great place to start your journey for understanding more about airspace awareness and protection.

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Introductory Reading Material

Counter-UAS Laws and Regulations

The rules related to Counter-UAS and drone detection operations vary based on the country and operational setting. For example, the United States classifies drones as aircraft therefore they are afforded the same protections as manned aviation in addition to the protections given to the wireless communications link between the drone and the controller. Here are some resources to help understand the legalities surrounding UAS and Counter-UAS:

Stay Informed

The Counter-UAS industry is constantly evolving, and C-UAS Hub is continually gathering and posting information at the leading edge of the industry to keep our users up-to-date on critical topics. Be sure to visit our site daily for breaking news updates on critical industry issues.

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