Introducing the AARTOS 360° Programmable Smart Jammer: Your Ultimate Defense Against Unauthorized Drones!

Are you ready to take control of your airspace and protect against the growing threat of unauthorized drones? The AARTOS 360° Programmable Smart Jammer is your advanced solution, offering an impressive range of up to 10 km and a seamless frequency band from 400MHz to 6GHz with an unmatched output power of up to 800W CW.

Impressive Range
With a formidable range of up to 10 km, our jammer secures a wide airspace, making it ideal for protecting critical infrastructure, events, and sensitive facilities, all from a centralized location.

Gapless Frequency Band
The AARTOS 360° Smart Jammer’s seamless frequency band from 400MHz to 6GHz leaves no room for drones to operate in your airspace. With the AARTOS 360° Smart Jammer, you have the power to neutralize unauthorized drones effectively.