Introducing the AARTOS Shelter Solution: Your Mobile Fortress for Total Airspace Security!

Featuring cutting-edge 360° drone detection using advanced RF technology with a real-time frequency bandwidth spanning max. 20MHz to 8GHz, this solution is engineered for precision and adaptability. With the convenience of easy handling and deployment on vehicles like an Unimog or other suitable means of transport, it offers a powerful asset for all your security needs.

Mobile Command Center
The AARTOS Shelter is your on-the-go command center. It can be rapidly deployed wherever you require it, giving you the freedom to respond to potential threats with speed and agility.

Self-Sufficiency and Remote Control
Our shelter is fully self-sufficient, ensuring you can operate independently in remote locations. It also features remote control capabilities, allowing you to maintain full command of the system, no matter where you are.

Comprehensive Airspace Monitoring
Inside the cabin, two seats accommodate operators who are equipped to monitor and respond to potential threats effectively. Four 4K monitors provide a comprehensive overview of the airspace, ensuring no unauthorized drone activity escapes your attention.

360° Environmental Surveillance
Safety and security are paramount. Four cameras encircling the shelter offer an unobstructed 360° view of the environment, enabling you to maintain constant vigilance for any signs of intrusion or unusual activity.

Customizable Solutions
We understand that security needs can vary widely. Our solution offers flexibility in configuration, allowing you to tailor it to your specific requirements and seamlessly integrate it into your existing security infrastructure.