Introducing AARTOS Drone Detection System Integration for Vehicles: Elevate Your Mobile Security to New Heights!

Are you looking for a comprehensive solution to safeguard your airspace while using the mobility of a vehicle? Look no further than the AARTOS Drone Detection System Integration. This versatile system not only offers RF drone detection but can also be equipped with integrated radio stations, long-range speakers, 5G and 4G satellite antennas, or a built-in Northfinder for high-precision position data, making it the ultimate choice for on-the-move security.

Mobile Drone Defense
With AARTOS integrated into a vehicle like a truck, van or car, you have the power to secure your airspace on the go. Whether you’re protecting a convoy, an event, or critical infrastructure, our system ensures that no unauthorized drone goes unnoticed.

RF Drone Detection
Our system’s RF drone detection capabilities are at the forefront of technology. It identifies drones with precision, allowing you to take decisive action when threats arise.

Versatile Add-ons
Choose from a range of integrated features to enhance your vehicle’s capabilities. Equip it with an integrated radio station for communication on the move, long-range speakers for announcements or deterrents, or 5G and 4G satellite antennas for seamless connectivity. With the built-in Northfinder, you gain access to high-precision position data, ensuring accurate tracking and response to potential drone threats.

Tailored Security
We understand that security needs can vary. Our system can be customized to align seamlessly with your specific requirements.