Elevate Airspace Security with the AARTOS X2 Stationary Drone Detection System!

Introducing the AARTOS X2 Stationary, your ultimate solution for protecting fixed installations from unauthorized drones. With a frequency coverage of 2.4GHz and 5.8 GHz, this system offers drone protocol decoding with high precision, range, and versatility.

Fixed Installation Excellence
The AARTOS X2 Stationary is designed to provide uncompromising security for permanent installations. With a range of 5 km for the standard version and an astonishing 40 km for the long-range version, you can trust in its ability to detect and track drones with remarkable position accuracy, ranging from 2-3 meters.

Continuous Vigilance
With 24/7 monitoring capabilities, this system offers real-time alerts that empower your security team to respond swiftly and effectively to potential drone threats, safeguarding your assets and facilities.

Tailored for Fixed Sites
The AARTOS X2 Stationary is engineered for stationary applications, making it ideal for critical infrastructure, sensitive facilities, and permanent installations.

Seamless Integration
Integrate this system seamlessly into your existing security infrastructure, enhancing your overall situational awareness and readiness.