Introducing the AARTOS X5, your ultimate solution for advanced drone detection and protection. With an extensive frequency coverage from 400MHz to 6GHz, this system offers unmatched versatility and precision in identifying and mitigating drone threats.

Broad Frequency Coverage
The AARTOS X5 covers a wide frequency spectrum, ensuring comprehensive drone detection across various communication bands. This comprehensive coverage eliminates blind spots, leaving no room for unauthorized drone intrusions.

Effective Detection Range
With a detection range of 1-2 km, the AARTOS X5 ensures early detection and tracking of drones, providing valuable time to respond effectively to potential threats.

360° Coverage
The AARTOS X5 offers complete situational awareness with its 360° coverage. You can trust it to secure your airspace from all directions, whether you need to protect critical infrastructure, events, or sensitive facilities.

Tracking Accuracy
Boasting tracking accuracy within 4-6°, this system enables precise tracking of drones, allowing your security team to take decisive action to counter any potential threats effectively.