Experience Unprecedented Airspace Security with the AARTOS X9 Drone Detection System!

Introducing the AARTOS X9, your ultimate solution for cutting-edge drone detection and protection. With an expansive frequency coverage spanning of maximum 20MHz to 8GHz, this system offers unmatched versatility and precision, setting a new standard for identifying and countering drone threats.

Broad Frequency Coverage
The AARTOS X9 covers an extensive frequency spectrum, ensuring comprehensive drone detection across diverse communication bands. This coverage eliminates blind spots, leaving no room for unauthorized drone intrusions.

Exceptional Detection Range
With a remarkable detection range up to 14 km, the AARTOS X9 provides early and reliable detection and tracking of drones. This extended range grants ample time to respond effectively to potential threats, even in vast and complex airspace.

360° Coverage
The AARTOS X9 delivers complete situational awareness with its 360° coverage. Trust it to secure your airspace from all directions, whether safeguarding critical infrastructure, events, or sensitive facilities.

Pinpoint Tracking Accuracy
Boasting tracking accuracy within an astonishing 1-3°, this system enables pinpoint tracking of drones. Your security team can take decisive action to counter potential threats with the utmost confidence and precision.

Scalable Solutions
The AARTOS X9 is highly scalable, ensuring it can adapt seamlessly to your evolving security needs. Whether you require coverage for a single site or a network of installations, our system integrates flawlessly into your security infrastructure.

Automatic Drone Jamming System
For enhanced security, the AARTOS X9 can feature an automatic drone jamming system. This powerful capability actively counters and neutralizes unauthorized drones, elevating your airspace protection to the highest level.