Bluvec proudly presents the Blucam S1200, an AI-powered optical sensor that constantly scans the surroundings for UAV threats.

Through Bluvec’s Rapid Target Inspection (RTI) technology, Blucam S1200 identifies targets purely based on image pixels. It is trained to differentiate between drones and other flying objects, such as birds and aircraft. The Blucam S1200 preserves visual evidence by providing real-time images and video recordings of detected targets.

The Blucam S1200 offers 360° passive detection, intelligent identification, target positioning, and drone tracking capabilities. It can function as a standalone unit without guidance from other radars or sensors. It can also seamlessly integrate with multiple Blucams S1200 or Blusensors S4000 to provide extended coverage.

Bluvec’s optical sensor is a great solution for correctional facilities, airports, commercial settings, critical infrastructure, military settings, and other industries.



Powered by AI

Optical and infrared capabilities

Easy integration and cloud control

Detection of RF-silent or dark drones



360 degrees passive detection

Visual evidence recorded

Aircraft detection

Modular or standalone deployment