Due to the growing availability of small, unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS up to 25 kg) threats imposed by these systems increased inland and in missions abroad. Drones, available for everyone and easy to use, are operated in foreign missions but also above sensitive domestic areas. Threats imposed from these systems range from enemy reconnaissance to attacks equipped with explosives.

The GUARDION mil C-sUAS in German Military called ASUL is a container-based system to detect and classify small drones. The system is designed for rough ambient temperatures and to operate by one operator. For target verification purposes, three sensors (radar, radio-frequency scanner, camera) are included in the product, which allow verification even with limited visibility. The data from the individual sensors are combined and displayed on the ELYSION Operations situation display. To counter the threat posed by an sUAS an effector, jammer, is available



  • Detection
  • RF Detection
  • EO/IR Camera
  • 3D Radar
  • Automatic AI-classification and tracking
  • Countermeasures
  • RF Jamming
  • GPS Jamming


  • Detection of drones by radar, RF detectors and EO/IR camera
  • Verification by camera
  • Situation Display by C2/SD-element
  • Countermeasures by RF/GPS jamming and HPEM effectors