D-Fend Solutions’ Multi-Sensor Command & Control system (MSC2), a central management solution, controls multiple EnforceAir sensors remotely from a single server, empowering organizations to intuitively safeguard vast expanses of land from rogue drones and quickly scale up for virtually any operational requirement. MSC2 complements and enhances the EnforceAir systems it manages.

  • Facilitates expanded and uninterrupted coverage for rogue drone detection and mitigation, without increasing the number of personnel needed to operate the multiple EnforceAir systems.
  • Seamlessly integrates into third-party C2 systems, enabling top law enforcement and military system operators to view EnforceAir’s drone information on general, map-based C2 platforms, with an option to trigger mitigation via the third-party platforms.
  • Aggregates information from all sensors across the site, providing unified, intuitive operational awareness to support mission-critical decisions.
  • Eliminates duplications if multiple sensors detect the same drone.
  • MSC2 server selects the best sensor to initiate mitigation, after factoring for interference, radio parameters and ranges.