MyDefence Vehicle Solutions for Detection and Protection – Watchdog & Dobermann

MyDefence is revolutionizing the field of RF-based C-UAS technology, extending its expertise into the realm of vehicle solutions. Our combat-proven system excels in detecting and mitigating remote-controlled commercial drones, at significant distances, often intercepting these threats before they become airborne.

Vehicle Solutions:

Tailored for special operations forces and police, our vehicle solutions offer unmatched protection for military vehicles, sea vessels, patrol cars, and boats, both in motion and stationary.
This system not only secures these units but also acts as a rapid C-UAS deployment command center. It boosts situational awareness, logs RF alerts for analysis, and ensures readiness against UAV threats. The combination of Watchdog and Dobermann forms an efficient detect-and-defeat mechanism for integrated UAV threat management

Key Components:

Watchdog Series: These advanced RF sensors are the cornerstone of our vehicle solutions, dedicated to detecting drones. They provide continuous surveillance, ensuring rapid threat detection for military and law enforcement operations. With precision and reliability, Watchdog sensors enhance situational awareness, contributing to informed decision-making. Mounted on various vehicles, they bolster security and, when combined with the Dobermann Series create a comprehensive counter-drone system, elevating mission safety and security.

Dobermann Series: These are sophisticated jammers that employ smart jamming techniques to neutralize enemy drones effectively. When combined with the Watchdog series, they create a full-fledged detect-and-defeat mechanism. This synergistic approach allows for rapid threat identification via RF signatures and enables swift responses through either manual or automated jamming modes.

System Integration:

Designed for easy integration with light armored vehicles, military vehicles, patrol boats, and vessels, our system includes sensor fusion and can be seamlessly integrated with cameras and other surveillance equipment in the vehicle. Operationally versatile, it can be controlled through the MyDefence user interface Iris or integrated into existing C2 systems via MyDefence Argos.

SWaP Optimization:

In line with our commitment to minimizing Size, Weight, and Power consumption (SWaP), this detection and mitigation system is built to be robust, compact, lightweight, and power-efficient. It provides discreet yet highly effective RF drone surveillance, detection, and mitigation capabilities on the move, all at a cost-effective price.

Vehicle Solution Benefits:

Enhanced Protection: Offers comprehensive protection against drone threats for vehicles in diverse operational scenarios.

Advanced Detection: Utilizes state-of-the-art technology for early detection of UAV threats, enhancing mission safety and success.

User-Friendly Interface: Accessible via intuitive control systems, ensuring ease of use in high-pressure environments.

MyDefence’s Vehicle Solutions represent a significant advancement in modern warfare technology, providing dynamic and reliable protection against the evolving threat of drones.

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