DroneSec Threat Intelligence provides a real-time threat picture into the emerging trends and adversaries utilising drones for malicious purposes. Providing global coverage, DroneSec monitors new tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), evolving technologies and awareness of the threat environment relating to uncrewed and autonomous systems.
Our system involves advanced technology to scrape, monitor and report artefacts with human intelligence analysts who provide detailed technical component analysis, context enrichment and threat-reduction recommendations. DroneSec collects information from thousands of sources, including underground forums, social media and media to form a picture of adversary operations, procurement, targeting and doctrine.
The DroneSec platform combines years of historical data with real-time alerting in a simple, web-based user interface. The system provides users with access to a single common operating picture, with supporting database access such as the Threat Actor Glossary, Drone Database and Knowledge Base. Documents within the platform aid counter-drone programs by combining checklists, playbooks, guidelines and white-papers to support the mission.
DroneSec’s Threat Intelligence is highly-complementary to other counter-drone technologies, such as detection and mitigation systems, providing powerful augmentation and extension of the capabilities and data provided by these solutions. DroneSec is highly trusted by government, military and law enforcement world-wide, focusing solely on drones since 2016, with an exclusively vetted customer list seeking a premium offering and top-tier capability.
Key aspects provided by the system include:
  • Global, local and specific drone incident tracking
  • Real-time notifications and alerts for drone incidents
  • Data-driven insights and triaged analysis for current and historical drone incident information
  • UAS threat actor information, tactics, techniques and procedures
  • Detailed technical drone and payload component analysis
  • Incident scenarios and use cases to inform product development refinement
The advantages to an entity accessing DroneSec offering include:
  • Automate Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) collection on UAS/C-UAS data
  • Reduce analyst workload with catalogued, tagged, filtered and digital searchable databases
  • Provide cross-correlation with other intelligence sources, layers and systems
  • Access to UNCLASSIFIED information on technical UAS/C-UAS TTPs

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