RFeye Mission is CRFS’s Automated Spectrum Management System (ASMS), enabling network and database management alongside automated spectrum monitoring and geolocation. It allows spectrum stakeholders to derive useful and actionable intelligence from their deployed RFeye receivers without the need for teams of RF experts. It has been designed for use with RFeye assets deployed over wide areas such as ranges, test sites, borders and cities and also for small networks such as in-building TSCM monitoring

RFeye Mission is controlled via a web browser interface. It enables the automated scheduling of spectrum monitoring tasks to be performed without the need for the user to view a “wall of spectrum data.” Sweeps, scans, and surveys can be quickly set up, and authorized transmitters, operating zones, and geolocations are clearly displayed as well as incidents and alarms as they happen.

Set up spectrum tasks in advance such as occupancy, time, and geolocation scans as well as sweeps and signal surveys. These tasks can then be scheduled to automatically run and monitored via the calendar interface It provides you with a clear overview of what is happening and when.

If a breach of conditions occurs, e.g. an unauthorized transmission, signals in the wrong area, at the wrong time, etc., alerts are automatically raised. They can be displayed on the map, if there is a geolocation, or sent via email. You can choose to receive emails based on the severity of the incident – “Information Only,” “Warning,” “Error” or “Critical”.

RFeye Mission Schedule calendar clearly shows you the scheduled spectrum tasks that are due to be carried out by month, week and day. You can zoom in to view individual schedules and the associated tasks.

You can you to see the schedules and tasks in time over frequency. This makes it simple to see if any schedules are due to take place at the same time or frequency. This could indicate that two or more missions might cause co-channel interference.