RFeye Site is our real-time expert user software designed to help you manage and monitor the RF spectrum. It allows you to connect to a single Node, multiple RFeye Nodes, or RFeye Arrays, and task them to perform a variety of spectrum missions. The results are then presented in a highly graphical format that can be customized to your needs.

Designed by RF experts, for RF experts, RFeye Site is a vast suite of measurement and analysis tools that can be easily deployed for any spectrum task or mission. It is infinitely versatile and provides a broad array of advanced functionalities combined in a single software application

Once you connect a Node or group of Nodes, you can instantly visualize the received spectrum from each receiver and quickly zoom in to your area of interest. This can be further enhanced by adding waterfall or I/Q time charts.

RFeye Site helps you manually or automatically detect signals of interest and then geolocate the source of the signal by using multiple geolocation techniques. Time Difference Of Arrival (TDOA), Power on Arrival (POA) or Angle Of arrival (AOA) techniques are all supported as well as hybrid geolocation which combines all of them. All of this is displayed within the interactive map.

RFeye Site helps you carry out all the basic measurements, including frequency, occupancy, power, and frequency deviation. This data can then be analyzed with customizable charts and measurement tools. Frequency masks can also be set up on particular bands and channels with mask breakages used to trigger tasks such as recording I/Q snippets, geolocation or even triggering of 3rd party systems

RFeye Site enables multiple targets to be tracked over wide areas in real time with extremely fast update rates ensuring accurate tracking of emissions even from fast moving vehicles. We use multiple geolocation techniques (AOA/DF, TDOA and POA) as well as hybrid geolocation which combines all of them.

With RFeye Site you can run multiple missions (geolocation, detection, measurement missions etc.) at the same time without affecting performance. Multiple users with their own copy of site are also able to connect to and task Nodes with Missions simultaneously.

To ensure your operators are training with the same tools that they will be in the real world, RFeye Site can be used to create realistic training scenarios. Simulated Nodes and transmitters can all be created with a range of customizable options to replicate real situations.

Our propagation modeling tools allow signal propagation to be simulated taking full account of earth curvature effects, terrain obstacles, and custom user-created obstacles. This allows Node networks analyzed prior to hardware installation. Using our terrain analysis tool, Nodes can be repositioned to best optimize performance in the virtual world before deployment in the real world.

Additionally, we provide RESTful API to integrate our nodes into a multi-layered solution required to meet sensor fusion or other demanded requirements to ensure cUAS missions provide multiple avenues of detection and verification.