The RFeye Stormcase is a man-portable integrated system designed for easy mobile spectrum monitoring from a fully autonomous and ruggedized stand-alone unit. Built into a tough storm case, the system includes a Node 100-8 or a 100-18, internal and external antenna ports, high-performance rechargeable MIL-SPEC battery, and integrated SSD memory for high volume data collection during mobile field operations.

Key to the RFeye Stormcase is its ability to run in a ‘headless’ mode. This ‘headless’ operation allows signal experts to configure missions in advance either directly connected to the unit or remotely. Deployment operatives simply switch the unit to ENABLE to set the mission running. For security, this switch features a trigger guard to prevent accidental operation or cancellation

Embedded data logging software applications are typically pre-programmed with the required measurement profile prior to deployment, allowing autonomous spectrum surveillance and surveying operations to be performed by non-technical personnel where necessary. Data is visualized and analyzed post-survey using RFeye application software. In addition, any mobile computing device with a web browser can be connected for real-time monitoring of signals during the survey using embedded RFeye Web Apps software