SkySafe Cloud is a Cloud-based, SaaS platform that puts real-time and historical drone data at your fingertips, without the need to acquire, install, or maintain expensive hardware.

As with any defense system, the key to airspace security is situational awareness. The defender must know how many drones are in an area, where they are, what type they are, and who is operating them. This requires an airspace management system capable of collecting, analyzing, and distributing this information. Without that airspace situational awareness, choosing the optimum countermeasure to stop a drone — or locating the launch point of the operator — becomes a matter of luck.

SkySafe Cloud uses a city-wide network of radio frequency (RF) sensors that detect signals from drones and their operators. Unlike standalone counter-drone systems, SkySafe Cloud sends data to a central location for analysis and distribution. Users can then log into the Cloud to see what drones are in the coverage area and receive real-time alerts of unauthorized or anomalous UAS activity.