DroneSec provides human-analyzed intelligence collection and reporting for the purposes of C-UAS. This service combines deep technical analysis, threat actor tracking, technical component analysis and fused Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) to provide customers with bespoke reporting on nefarious use of UAS.

Examples of human-curated intelligence include:
✅ Overview of malicious drone use in the South East Asia region
✅ Overview of weaponized drone use within Sudan
✅ Root Cause Analysis (RCA) of drone light show hacking attempts
✅ Analysis of drone incidents causing injuries or deaths in stadiums
✅ Analysis of drone intrusions into critical infrastructure facilities
✅ Analysis of Taliban drone use, incidents and capabilities
✅ Analysis of Haitian gang drone use, incidents and capabilities
✅ Report on current drone modifications used by threat actors to avoid LEA
✅ Report on current drone exploits and vulnerabilities for DJI drones
✅ Guidance on adversary TTP’s for the use of OPSEC in conflict areas

To gain access to the platform that powers this capability please visit the UAS Threat Intelligence Platform product page.

Contact DroneSec to request an example copy to determine the value and quality of our reporting.