A UAS-specific vulnerability assessment that assists organisations and facilities in understanding how a site may be vulnerable to the risks posed by UAS. It will aid in identifying mitigation options to build resilience and response procedures. By completing such an assessment, you are increasing your organisations understanding of vulnerabilities by focusing on site-specific threats, launch points, flight profiles, and platforms.

How does Shield complete your TRA?

  1. We conduct an initial consultation to get a better understanding of your Counter UAS mindset.
  2. Identify what needs protection through a blend of site and office visits.
  3. Assess the threats and apply vulnerability factors.
  4. Review and refine.
  5. Deliver the final TRA.
  6. Should you require it, we are able to bolt on three extra services:
    1. Legal Pack
    2. Local intelligence brief
    3. Insurance brief.

The final report will be delivered as a physical document alongside a physical briefing to all relevant stakeholders.